When you sit down at a restaurant table, you realize the menus haven't really changed. You get a menu held by page protectors or (somewhat) protective covers. Some restaurants hide the menu under a piece of acrylic/glass at the table. But the vast majority just laminate their menus. Have you wondered, isn't there another way?

Now there is! And you can profit from it! 

You can now offer printed menus that feel like regular paper yet are waterproof and damage resistant like laminated paper, yet STILL SAVE your customer money, while saving you energy and labor.

Lamination is NOT cheap, especially for larger paper and multi-page menus. It is slow and hard to do right. Page protectors just look... tacky. And those big menu covers... they fall apart and often look worse than the menus themselves. 

GRAFFITI Waterproof Paper

Let me introduce you to GRAFFITI waterproof paper. That's right, waterproof, yet printable paper. You can now print menus that are cheaper to produce than printing them on normal paper, then laminating them. Not only you need less labor, you need less equipment and less energy. Furthermore, the finished product feels like real paper, not a huge slippery piece of plastic. 

How it's Used

In fact, the waterproof paper has a wide variety of uses beyond just menus and wine lists.

  • Wilderness adventure companies: emergency contact info, maps, daily activities, and more 
  • Diving adventure companies: chart of underwater creatures to help divers identify them 
  • Outdoor event planners: tent cards, seating charts, and more
  • Construction companies: warning signs, parking signs, directions, and more
  • Spas and saunas: warning signs and so on in wet or moist areas
  • Produce markets: all sorts of signage in wet or moist areas
  • Garden centers and nurseries: all sorts of signage in wet or moist areas 

Furthermore, advertising door hangers (for outside), business cards, and counter mats can also be made from waterproof paper! 

Everyday Use

Waterproof paper is available in a wide variety of thickness, material, and durability to fit almost every need. There are even metallic GRAFFITI waterproof papers for a truly premium look. Anywhere your clients are considering laminated paper, you can recommend printed waterproof paper instead. You save labor and material, they save money. It is the ultimate win-win innovation for your printing repertoire.

Contact us today and see what Graffiti waterproof paper can do for your bottom-line!