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4SG - Tech Team
02.06.20 09:19 AM Comment(s)

Graffiti Polyester Papers are pure polyester-based substrates designed for printing. Coated on both sides, our extruded polyester, Graffiti Polyester Paper, is ideally suited for your print job work requiring Waterproof, Tear Resistant, Durability & Heat Resistance. However, if you are printing on this polyester-based substrates for the first time, we would like to suggest a few things from our field knowledge and practical experience. 

Graffiti Polyester Paper, optimized for use in both LIQUID TONER & DRY TONER (Electrophotographic) printers and copiers. You can also use them with offset printing, And it is also suitable for UV curable inkjet printing. It is not ideal for non-UV inkjet printing ( Will Not work with Aqueous, Solvent or Eco-Solvent Inks) 

1. DRY TONER/ LIQUID TONER Printing Recommendations 

We have currently tested our Graffiti Polyester Paper on several platforms from different manufacturers. We have observed that for optimum results, specific settings are essential for the best results. We have compiled these settings in our MACHINE SETTINGS HANDBOOK, which can be downloaded by clicking this link. 

2. OFFSET PRINTING Recommendations 

  1. Offset printing uses water & ink balance for printing. And since Graffiti Polyester Papers do not have absorption capacities (apart from the surface coating), we highly recommend working with minimum water levels. 
  2. Ink Lay down should not exceed 100 %. For example, if you plan to do a two-color job, Cyan = 60% and Magenta 40%. 
  3. Use of Anti-Set Off powder is not suggested if you plan to pre-print with offset first and then to do the variable data printing with Dry Toner Machines, as this might contaminate the Dry Toner Press. If you do not plan to do any Variable data printing (print using a Dry Toner Press), you can use Anti Set-Off powder for better drying. However, Stack Height needs to be low, as discussed in point # 7. 
  4. Also note, DO NOT offset print any areas that you plan to do overprint with dry toner Digital Presses. We cannot guarantee image quality nor its consequences on the Printer/Copier Engine. 
  5. When printing on thickness like 8mil (200mic), 11mil (275mic) & 14mil (375mic) - Limit stack height as the weight of substrate might lead to set-off. Stack height of 4 inches is considered to be ideal. 
  6. Acclimatize the Polyester Paper 24 hours before printing, meaning Sheets should be in the press room (print room) at least 24 hours before printing. 
  7. We highly recommend to Jog (Air or fan) the sheets well before feeding. 
  8. Also, placing them on a Grounded Metal table before and after printing will help to eliminate any static charges to disappear. 
  9. Based on experience, we have observed that Oxidative Inks have higher set off tendencies. Hence additional care will be required, such as but not limited to, minimum use of water in offset printing, stack height, Ink Lay Down, Minimal Sucker Settings, and such. 
  10. Besides the printing Methods discussed, we would also like you to consider offline or inline UV Coating for added Surface Scratch protection for the longevity of the prints.

Graffiti Polyester Papers are available in various types like - Opaque Paper, Metallics -Silver & Gold, Frosted & Clear Films, Backlit Film, Canvas Fabric & more. You can LEARN MORE about our products for giving the best solutions to your clients so that their print stands out amongst the growing crowd of me-too adverts.