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Restaurant menus An Excellent Revenue source for Printers?

4SG - Tech Team
04.14.20 02:21 PM Comment(s)
As a printer, you need to explore various printing secrets that can help your culinary clients control costs and increase revenue. Some upscale restaurant owners don't know that waterproof paper menus can add that special extra touch of elegance and sophistication to their delicious array of dishes. 

You should educate your clients about the benefits of investing in durable waterproof paper menus for showing off their items in the best light. Here are reasons why you should consider embossing graffiti waterproof paper menus for printing menus and table tents.
  • Durability
Every business wants to invest in a cost-effective strategy or system that reduces the cost of production. The polyester-based substrate is designed for printing on modern digital press whether Liquid toner or Dry toner. It is exclusively suitable for applications that require a waterproof and tear-resistant print.

The pure extruded polyester graffiti range of variables such as opaque, backlit, fabric and metallic coatings is a perfect choice for clients in the culinary industry because of its heat resistance and rigidity features. In addition, your clients don't have to worry about lamination costs to extend menu life, if they invest in waterproof menu papers. Over time, it can be a big cost saver.

  • Gives a business a professional image
Menu printing has a serious impact on the image it reflects on a business. While it is possible to print a restaurant menu using a home printer, your clients rely on your expertise to get that professional branding feel when displaying their items. Higher priced eateries that have a chic reputation to maintain are always looking for printing techniques that can add an elegant feel to their businesses. Waterproof paper menus are one way of helping your clients reduce their carbon footprint and cultivate a unique appeal of greener menus with biodegradable products.

  • Add photos of menu offerings
Diners are more likely to buy certain dishes based on the photos of menu offerings as opposed to reading written descriptions. Waterproof paper menus allow you to add photos of your client's best-selling dishes or most unusual offerings to menu design. You can add a separate sheet for appealing specials in the design without printing out an entire menu every time you want to include daily or weekly specials.