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02.14.20 05:28 PM Comment(s)

for a Stayflat - No Curl - Clean Crisp Brand Image

Banners have proved to be one of the most effective and indispensable media to exhibit products and services. We see them almost everywhere as PoP displays, backdrops, signages, in malls, movie halls, retail outlets, airports, railway stations, corporate offices, restaurants and exhibitions. One just cannot ignore them any more, as an effective communication medium. However, it is not uncommon to see curled up banners, distorting the very images they are meant to project. Very often, we see the marketing messages partly not visible, due to unwanted curls in the media, changing the very essence of the message.

Many a times, we come across banner media left untrimmed from the edges, completely defeating the purpose of the banner and loosing the much desired customer attention. We at 4S Graphics refuse to accept this as our "fate" !!!!! And compel you to join to us to eradicate man kind of this heresy. With our SOLVIT STAY FLAT BANNERS now introduced, a path breaking innovative media for solvent and eco-solvent inkjet, UV & Latex printers, SOLVIT STAY FLAT BANNERS, with a promise to completely eliminate all one’s banner display problems for ever. SOLVIT STAY FLAT BANNERS has a unique anti-curling property to withstand any challenge faced by a print service provider. Ideally suited for all indoor and outdoor banner applications, its unique design feature of higher thickness PVC film ensures excellent rigidity and chisel-sharp edge for any banner application. The media is tear resistant and flexible, enabling it to be rolled and transported anywhere with ease.

This revolutionary new media under the SOLVIT WIDE FORMAT MEDIA is specially designed to suit solvent, eco-solvent, UV & Latex based printing. What's more it is even HP LATEX CERTIFIED. Other value added features include an ultra smooth surface for superior image quality; high image definition and line clarity for better resolution and sharpness of images; high whiteness suitable for wide color gamut and deep rich colors and high opacity for minimum show through. All the above make it an ideal choice for all banner applications such as roll up and stand banners, spring banners, hanging banners, cross banners and posters. SOLVIT STAY FLAT BANNERS can also be used as a wall mount.

At 4S Graphics, Inc, we have developed products specifically catering to pain points our industry faces day in and day our. All of the materials you would need to make a sign for whatever event, brand or business you would like to advertise. Providing for our clients is important to us, and that SOLVIT WIDE FORMAT MEDIA will help you get the word out. will help you get the word out. 

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