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Waterproof Papers, Perfect for Your Hospitality Industry Printing Needs

4SG - Tech Team
04.14.20 02:12 PM Comment(s)
Menus and table tents are very important in the hotel industry. However, they are also the most susceptible to damage, from drink and food spills to harsh weather for outdoor restaurants. Paper menus do not hold up to such rough treatments, which is why more hoteliers are switching to synthetic waterproof papers for their menus.

Waterproof papers are immune to humidity and chemicals, do not tear and can be folded.  As a printer, embracing the use of synthetic papers in printing menus is not only good for your clients, it also increases your revenue and improves your turnaround time.

GRAFFITI POLYESTER PAPERS are perfect for this type of job. They can also be recycled which means reduced adverse effects on the environment. So why should you consider using waterproof paper to print your menus and table tents?

1. Saves on Time and Money

Using waterproof papers for your printing saves you time and money. There is no additional finishing like lamination needed, and they can also be printed on both sides. Graffiti waterproof papers are designed to be used by all liquid or dry toner printers like Xerox, Ricoh, Konica or Canon and HP Indigo. You do not need to acquire another machine to use them.

2. Highly Customizable

Waterproof papers do not limit you on what you can and cannot print. You can use them to print ID cards, signage, flyers and door hangers. This is advantageous if you want to increase your revenue by diversifying the products you offer to hotels and restaurants.

3. Durability

Waterproof papers last long and can withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. Graffiti waterproof papers, for example, can withstand up to 425 F of heat, making it easy for printers to work with. Their durability and heat rigidity make these waterproof papers your best choice for menus even for outdoor restaurants.

4. Options

When just plain white surface won't do, our Graffiti Range offers various options to add another dimension to your designers efforts. Our Metallics range are designed to provide high visibility while providing for the same durability such as waterproof, tear resistant and grease & wine proofing your menus, that you have come to trust our Graffiti Range with. 

Why keep on using printing materials that do nothing for your clients and profitability? CLICK HERE to order our Swatch Book and have a look at a variety of quality waterproof papers from 4S Graphics.

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