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What is a Durable Paper?

4SG - Tech Team
05.24.20 08:25 PM Comment(s)

Waterproof, Never Tear & Alcohol Wipeable papers.

Durable paper also known as synthetic paper, is becoming more and more popular as customers look to extend the life of their paper application. Synthetic paper is manufactured using synthetic resin derived from petroleum. This type of paper maintains many of the qualities of conventional paper such as a white and opaque appearance, and similar printing and processing capabilities. It also offers characteristics of plastic film, including: Durability, Heat-Tolerance, Tear-Resistance & Moisture-Resistance. 

While most of synthetic paper manufacturers opt to cavitate their paper, by creating adding air bubbles or voids that fill the synthetic paper with air as a core. could cause run-ability issues and discoloring over time because the core of the product does not consist of any actual material. A true, or pure synthetic like GRAFFITI POLYESTER PAPER, on the other hand, has no pulp, air, or other material as filler. The advantage to a product of this type is that it is virtually impervious to environmental changes, does not break down from repeated handling or sun exposure, and is tear proof. 

Simply, put Durable Papers are the ones that NEVER TEAR, nor get Wet & are impervious to Grease, Wine, Alcohol or most liquids and can be use to print for applications around such needs.