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Same Graffiti Polyester Paper we supply in sheets for the Digital Toner Market is now available in ROLL format for your XEIKON & HP INDIGO Presses. 

Our Graffiti Polyester Paper is Available in all thicknesses and all Coatings as seen on our website. Should you need any product in roll format to test please contact our Product Specialist and with few basic information we can set you up with the right product at right price. 

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Translite printed with Graffiti Polyester Backlit


Your goods are in good hands

Nearly all of our rolls you see here originated from custom projects. At 4S Graphics, we take the time with clients to understand your product need & what you’re trying to accomplish. We ask specific questions to understand equipment demands and print processes. The result is a 4SG  product which is “spot on” for the intended application.

With only a 5 roll minimum for custom orders and a wide array of JIT stocked materials, we are primed and ready to meet digital print challenges with an affordable solution.

Discover for yourself how GRAFFITI POLYESTER  optimized films dramatically increase print receptiveness and can save you money. 

Request samples, and put our product and print process knowledge to work for you.

Hp indigo Optimized Opaque Polyester in Rolls

Opaque Films

Thickness Available : 3 mil, 4mil, 8mil, 11 mil 

Metallized Films - Silver & Gold

Thickness Available : 3 mil, 4 mil & 8mil

Translite (Backlit) Films 

Thickness Available : 3 mil, 4 mil & 8 mil 

Clear Films

Thickness Available: 3 mil , 4 mil & 8 mil