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4S Graphics, Inc.
Specialty Substrates for Printing
for EcoSol UV & Latex Inks

Thickness: 200 gsm

Coated, Multilayered, High Wet Strength Paper - Gloss Finish 

Product Brief:

SOLViT POSTER PAPER 200 GLOSS is a heavy weight, bright white, wet strength paper that features outdoor durability and excellent scratch resistance and can be folded without cracking the images printed. 

The premium coated surface is water-resistant with a gloss surface. The coating also provides brilliant color reproductions and sharp images with instant drying of large densities of ink. Ideal for photorealistic prints for indoor and outdoor use. 

This water-repellent product can be stuck to a wide range of smooth substrates such as wood or metal with wallpaper paste or double-sided adhesive tape. Prints are long-lasting and offer high scratch resistance and durability even without additional lamination. 

SOLViT POSTER PAPER is the right choice for the production of photo, art and advertising prints for indoor and outdoor applications with solvent, latex and UV inks.

Product Details:

  • Base: Multilayered Water-Resistant Paper
  • Surface Finish: Bright White - Satin Finish (Semi Gloss)
  • Paper Thickness: 200 gsm (8 Mil) + Coating
  • Whiteness: > 102 
  • Opacity: >98 
  • Blockout: No
  • Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV & LATEX
  • Ink Limit: Up to 270% with Eco-Solvent Inks


  • Bright White Surface at par with competitive products.
  • Good Wet Strength properties - Water-repellent surface
  • Brilliant Black Reproductions. 
  • Photorealistic posters.
  • Can fold without cracking.
  • High stiffness and rigidity for pasting, and outdoor applications.
  • Excellent colour brilliance & High scratch resistance

Target Applications:

  • High-Quality Image Reproductions.
  • Short Term Advertisements.
  • In-Store Window Signage
  • Paper that needs to work in High Humidity Environments.




EcoSol, UV & Latex Inks 


GLOSS Surface


54inch, & 60inch

Length : 150 Feet (45 Meters)


Multi Layered  High Wet Strength


3 Months*


3 inch 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • QUESTION: Do you have any print profiles or recommended printer settings for SOLVIT POSTER PAPER - 200 GLOSS? 
ANSWER: We don’t have bespoke profiles for our Solvit Poster Paper 200 Gloss. We suggest either using the SIHL TRISOLV 200 profile, or another generic profile for Gloss Poster Paper / Coated Paper.

  • Q: Can SOLVIT POSTER PAPER 200 GLOSS be applied to the inside of a window (with an see-through view)?
A: YES. You can mount it inside the window with a double sided tape for see through effect.
  • Q:  Is the SOLVIT POSTER PAPER Outdoor durable?
A: Yes. However this product is designed for temporary applications. Durability stated in our technical datasheets is for unprinted and untreated material correctly applied to an inert, vertical substrate subject to test in southeast Asian weathering conditions. 

Some printing inks and drying or curing regimes may reduce the expected lifetime of the printed graphic. Please consult your ink manufacturer for guidance. Mechanically sustained damage, chemical damage and UV-degradation to printed, unprinted, laminated or unlaminated material may also reduce expected durability. 
Product Claims & Disclaimer

Our product is supplied in good faith and we hope client will follow all standard instructions while using/installing our vinyl. In the event of a warranted failure, 4S Graphics, Inc. reserves the right of inspection.  4S Graphics, Inc. will, at our option, replace defective materials or refund purchase price thereof. All documentation and administration will be handled through the formal customer service complaint system at  4S Graphics, Inc.. To receive remedy,  4S Graphics, Inc. or the local distributor must be notified of a claim within 30 days of vinyl failure. Date of installation, material lot number, installation procedures, substrate and environmental conditions must be supplied with the description of failure. 

The customer assumes responsibility in determining the product suitability for his intended end use. Seller’s and manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the film proven to be defective. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage direct or indirect, arising from the use or inability to use these products. See  4S Graphics, Inc.’s Terms and Conditions. 



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