Polyester Paper offset printing

Graffiti Polyester Papers are pure polyester based substrates designed for printing. Coated on both sides our extruded polyester products are designed for your print job work requiring Waterproof, Tear Resistant, Durability & Heat Resistance. However, if you are printing on this polyester-based substrates for the first time we would like to suggest a few things, from our field knowledge and practical experience. 

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3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant's Customers Want Waterproof Paper Menus

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Restaurants usually default to two types of menus. Either they have paper menus, which pick up stains and are easy to rip, and laminate menus, which customers will always suspect of being far dirtier than they look. But restaurants are moving further and further away from these two default options. The best way to keep up with their demand is to stay ahead of the curve. Become your community's primary printing shop with waterproof paper. Restaurants will want it for all of their menus because:

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Why Are Restaurant menus An Excellent Revenue source for Printers?

waterproof paper menu

As a printer, you need to explore various printing secrets that can help your culinary clients control costs and increase revenue. Some upscale restaurant owners don't know that waterproof paper menus can add that special extra touch of elegance and sophistication to their delicious array of dishes.


You should educate your clients about the benefits of investing in durable waterproof paper menus for showing off their items in the best light. Here are reasons why you should consider embossing graffiti waterproof paper menus for printing menus and table tents.




Every business wants to invest in a cost-effective strategy or system that reduces the cost of production. The polyester-based substrate is designed for printing on modern digital press whether Liquid toner or Dry toner. It is exclusively suitable for applications that require a waterproof and tear resistant print.


The pure extruded polyester graffiti range of variables such as opaque, backlit, fabric and metallic coatings is a perfect choice for clients in the culinary industry because of its heat resistance and rigidity features. In addition, your clients don't have to worry about lamination costs to extend menu life, if they invest in waterproof menu papers. Over time, it can be a big cost saver.


Gives a business a professional image


Menu printing has a serious impact on the image it reflects on a business. While it is possible to print a restaurant menu using a home printer, your clients rely on your expertise to get that professional branding feel when displaying their items. Higher priced eateries that have a chic reputation to maintain are always looking for printing techniques that can add an elegant feel to their businesses. Waterproof paper menus are one way of helping your clients reduce their carbon footprint and cultivate a unique appeal of greener menus with biodegradable products.


Add photos of menu offerings


Diners are more likely to buy certain dishes based on the photos of menu offerings as opposed to reading written descriptions. Waterproof paper menus allow you to add photos of your client's best-selling dishes or most unusual offerings to a menu design. You can add a separate sheet for appealing specials in the design without printing out an entire menu every time you want to include daily or weekly specials.


Order your waterproof paper and specialty printing materials at 4s graphics today or contact us today for more details.


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Waterproof Papers, Perfect for Your Hospitality Industry Printing Needs

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Menus and table tents are very important in the hotel industry. However, they are also the most susceptible to damage, from drink and food spills to harsh weather for outdoor restaurants. Paper menus do not hold up to such rough treatments, which is why more hoteliers are switching to synthetic waterproof papers for their menus.

Waterproof papers are immune to humidity and chemicals, do not tear and can be folded.  As a printer, embracing the use of synthetic papers in printing menus is not only good for your clients, it also increases your revenue and improves your turnaround time. Graffiti waterproof papers are perfect for this type of job. They can also be recycled which means reduced adverse effects on the environment. So why should you consider using waterproof paper to print your menus and table tents?

1. Saves on Time and Money

Using waterproof papers for your printing saves you time and money. There is no additional finishing like lamination needed, and they can also be printed on both sides. Graffiti waterproof papers are designed to be used by all liquid or dry toner printers like Xerox, Ricoh, Konica or Canon and HP Indigo. You do not need to acquire another machine to use them.

2. Highly Customizable

Waterproof papers do not limit you on what you can and cannot print. You can use them to print ID cards, signage, flyers and door hangers. This is advantageous if you want to increase your revenue by diversifying the products you offer to hotels and restaurants.

3. Durability

Waterproof papers last long and can withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. Graffiti waterproof papers, for example, can withstand up to 490 F of heat, making it easy for printers to work with. Their durability and heat rigidity make these waterproof papers your best choice for menus even for outdoor restaurants.

Why keep on using printing materials that do nothing for your clients and profitability? Click here and have a look at a variety of quality waterproof papers from 4S Graphics. You can also contact us for advice on the best printing materials and printing supplies for your business.


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3 Reasons Laminated Menus Miss the Mark Compared to Waterproof Paper

laminated menus

The restaurant business is inherently a low margin affair. It's a space with heavy seasonal changes in customer base, that deals in mostly perishable products with fluctuating prices. That's why the most savvy owners look for as many strategies they can to stabilize costs, be it pinning down the perfect price/performance ratio on bulk paper towels, to meticulously adjusting protein buys from the purveyor to get the perfect overall discount.

In short, the key to success in the restaurant business is in the details. And menu materials are no exception.

For most restaurants, menu design is largely the same: readable, clean printing, sometimes with a few pictures, on laminated paper. And for the first few weeks, this usually holds up nicely. Lamination makes the menus relatively easy to clean, and adds up to major savings compared to printing off enough new bare paper menus for each customer.

It doesn't last forever; in some cases, laminated menus only hold up their pristine looks for a few days, depending on the customer base and cleaning techniques. That's why, increasingly, restaurant owners opt for a modernized approach to printing their menus: skipping lamination entirely and using fully waterproof paper to print their menus instead!

Here are three simple reasons why laminated menus miss the mark compared to waterproof paper:

Lamination is Susceptible to Peeling

First impressions are everything in the restaurant business. The look and feel of your menus projects key information to your customers about what kind of business you run. And laminated paper has a shelf life. It tends to peel apart due to extended, average handling. It cracks easily, leaving ugly marks that can cover up readable content. And as these dings, folds, and crusty-looking damage areas add up, the menus become harder to clean.

Waterproof paper has none of these issues. It holds up to repeated bending. And if a customer completely folds and creases the menu, finally giving it an unsightly appearance, well, that brings us to the second point:

Waterproof Paper is Accessible and Inexpensive

Printing up new menus is as simple as running your supply of waterproof paper through any dry toner laser printer. Menus ready for the rigors of restaurant use, printed up on-site, no problem.

Or, if your location lacks the space or interest in maintaining a local printer, ordering bulk print jobs on waterproof paper remains quicker and cheaper than going through the full lamination process.

Visual Clarity is Far Better on Waterproof Paper

Menus need to be readable in a variety of situations, up to and including the low lighting of a dinner service. Lamination has long created a problem in this kind of setting: people often need to lean their menus into the light to try to read them easily, yet the shine of the light reflecting off the plastic disrupts their attempt.

It's a small annoyance, but one that customers will appreciate avoiding in practice. Waterproof paper gives you the same clarity of a print job on standard paper stock. It's matte, clean, and easy to read.


These are just a few of the reasons why restaurateurs are increasingly turning away from laminated menus and towards waterproof paper menus. Give it a try; you'll be hard pressed to find a reason to go back to the old way!


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The Ideal Paper Products for your Hospitality Industry Clients

printing press

At 4S graphics, we have the best variety of Graffiti Waterproof paper convenient for various printing needs.  They are perfect for printing bespoke restaurant menus due to their durability, water resistance, and tear resistance. The Graffiti Waterproof paper have high heat resistance. You can always recommend them to your hospitality industry clients.

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BANNERS - Types, Ounce, Denier, Weave, Thread Count & more.

A :  There are six types of Banners,
  1. SCRIM BANNER or VINYL BANNERS - made of PVC (also referred to as Vinyl)
  2. STAY FLAT (ANTI-CURL) BANNERS - made of Poly Propylene (PP), PVC or Blends of PP & PET.
  3. MESH BANNERS - made of PVC, they have crisscross breathable patterns for the wind to pass through and avoid tearing,
  4. CANVAS BANNERS - made of Cotton or Poly-Cotton Blends they offer a very premium look & feel.
  5. POLYESTER FABRIC BANNERS - made of polyester fabrics offer strength and premium look and feel. 
  6. PAPER BANNERS - made of the various thickness of the paper. 
A : Scrim as per dictionary means 'piece of gauze cloth'. In the printing industry, this piece of gauze cloth is used to hold the PVC in order to provide strength to the banner. 
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Waterproof Printer Paper: The Right Choice for Restaurant Menus


Printers boost profits and restaurant owners prevent profit loss when they choose waterproof paper instead of laminate for their restaurant menus. The options available bring benefits to both types of businesses. Not only are waterproof printed menus durable and stain resistant, but they are also usually more affordable than those that require multiple steps to plastic coat or cover them.

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Over the past few years, Digital Print Media displays have virtually sprung up everywhere and the demand for Digital Print media is booming. Some common reasons are:

  • Displays on Digitally Printed media are sharper and more vibrant
  • Outputs can be printed in various sizes
  • Media is available in non-adhesive as well as self-adhesive variants, to suit different applications


However, even a simple signage display, such as a stand-up or roll-up banner often looks shabby and unprofessional, if not done right. In the case of banner media, curling of the media is one of the biggest problems. Every brand manager & print solution provider has faced this before. A banner which looks nice and flat before it is put up on the stand, starts to curl at the edges. In addition to curling, other problems that arise when using ordinary Flex Banner (Scrim Banner) media include: 

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