Polyester Paper offset printing
Graffiti Polyester Papers are pure polyester based substrates designed for printing. Coated on both sides our extruded polyester products are designed for your print job work requiring Waterproof,...
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Could Waterproof Menu Paper be What You Need?

Hostess with waterproof menus
So you may be wondering whether the Benefits of Waterproof Menu Paper make it worth your while. You may not know much about it, but that's where we come it. Let's go ahead and find out what those...
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Increase revenue with Restaurant Menu Printing

Woman ordering from a waiter from a waterproof paper menu
Waterproof Paper Menus Are you looking to give your printing business a nice boost? Consider growing your company by offering a new service. Printing waterproof menus for restaurants can bring in...
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3 Places Where Restaurants Need Waterproof Menus

menu window
  Most of your restaurant clients know that traditional paper menus aren't a good fit for their business. But in the rush to both digitize menus and provide resources for regular visitors, they may...
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Longer Lasting Menus with Waterproof Paper

Latte on a waterproof menu
Get The Most Out Of Your Menus   Menus are one of a restaurant's costs, and they can be quite significant. Unless you run a fine dining place where menus change weekly, you want your menus to last at...
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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Paper?

Digital Printing
If you're looking for a durable paper, you may want to consider one that's a polyester-based synthetic. The first step in choosing to print on polyester synthetic paper is in understanding how it...
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Graffit Machine Settings Book Mocup
The resin identification coding system was introduced in 1988 to meet the need for a nationwide, uniform system of identifying plastics for both manufacturers and recyclers. This guide identifies the...
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Durable Paper Products for the Hospitality Industry

When you are in the printing business, it is important to find the perfect product to wow your customers at a fair and decent price where both parties benefit from the sale.  Printing menus and...
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Must Know - Installing One Way Vision Films

Always test the product prior to use by cutting a small peice of the SolviT One Way Vision Film and pasting it on the surface you are going install. SolviT One Way Vision Film perforated window films...
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How To Keep Printing Relevant In A Digital World

If you’re a printing business in a digital world and you are still making it, consider yourself lucky. Obviously if you have made it this far, you must be doing something right. However, there are a...
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Basics of Sublimation Printing

If you are in the printing business or are considering joining the rat race, it is important to know every method for which you can print your work. Sublimation is a process by which a solid state is...
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Waterproof Paper & Your Business

Unless you have been in the printing business for a while you may or may not know about waterproof paper. Sure, it sounds fairly self explanatory but truly what would the advantages to printing on...
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Banners have proved to be one of the most effective and indispensable media to exhibit products and services. We see them almost everywhere as PoP displays, backdrops, signages, in malls, movie...
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