Must Know - Installing One Way Vision Films

  • Always test the product prior to use by cutting a small peice of the SolviT One Way Vision Film and pasting it on the surface you are going install.
  • SolviT One Way Vision Film perforated window films can damage glass with anti-reflective, self-cleaning and scratch resistance coatings, which mainly get damaged during film removal. Please test prior to final application if in doubt.
  • SolviT One Way Vision Film perforated window films must not be are not to be applied to fresh coat of paint.
  • SolviT One Way Vision Film is available in various peforation ratios such as 70: 30, 60:40, & 50:50. Some states or local authorities have laws or regulations requiring minimum light transmission that may limit or preclude the use of this product on vehicle windows. A printer is responsible for determining and complying with all applicable standards. So we suggest printers do check with their local authorities before installation.
Post By: Solvit User on: Feb 8, 2016 10:24:58 AM