Hostess with waterproof menus

So you may be wondering whether the Benefits of Waterproof Menu Paper make it worth your while. You may not know much about it, but that's where we come it. Let's go ahead and find out what those benefits are, and how they might be beneficial to you.

Menus the Old Way

In the restaurant industry, a menu is likely to take on far more abuse than you might expect. Maybe while browsing the menu, someone knocks a glass over, spilling the beverage, and the menu willingly soaks it up. There are a million scenarios like this one including coffee, syrup and the wide array of foods and desserts that cross your tables on a regular basis. All this wear and tear can really take a toll on your menus. Even laminated varieties are not immune to these dangers. That's why a waterproof menu, in all its durable glory, is an excellent way to go.

Waterproof Menus Last Longer

 The waterproof paper used to create these more durable menus are made with a synthetic material that can take a lot more abuse without the expected breakdown other menus experience. Food, drinks and grease are all menu enemies, but waterproof menu paper resists them with ease. You'll also be pleased to find that they won't become tattered and worn nearly as fast as others might. In fact, this material is resistant to tearing, holds up to nearly any spill and keeping them clean is as easy as wiping them down.

You can even submerge these menus completely in water, with no ill effects at all, which makes it an excellent choice for restaurants that have outdoor seating as well. That means rain showers, no matter how intense, won't necessarily mean you have to have your menus reprinted.

Waterproof Menus Save Money

Restaurants are busy enough. The last thing you need is the added task, not to mention the expense, of reprinting menus that have been damaged by spills, abuse or just plain wear and tear. Laminating those menus is also a time consuming process that can actually cost you more than the waterproof menu paper. It's also notorious for creasing, peeling and bubbling, none of which creates a great first impression. Instead, choose waterproof menu paper so you don't even have to worry about those drawbacks in the first place.



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