When you are in the printing business, it is important to find the perfect product to wow your customers at a fair and decent price where both parties benefit from the sale.  Printing menus and on-table displays can be a complex task.  They need to be made in a way that is both sturdy, yet affordable in a way that is possible to mass produce.  We, at 4s Graphics, have just the product for you! Our Graffiti Waterproof Papers offer your printing company to offer high-quality menu and table tent printing materials at an extremely affordable price!



The most cost-efficient product that 4s Graphics has to offer of the Graffiti Waterproof collection is the White Matte (WM) Series.  The WM Series is paper that is certified by most OEM's and can be used with any laser printer without the risk of curling or softening.  This economical, yet high-quality product is also made out of a pure polyester base.  This material ensures that the product is durable and can withstand even the most treacherous of conditions (rain, humidity, heat, grease contact, etc.).  The WM Series is also very durable compared to other papers when it comes to tearing.  This could be a great product to offer customers in the restaurant business when it comes to printing menus and other promotional materials.

However, being a economy product this products is ideal if laminated or UV coated. Besides, the reason we have kept it economical is allow the cost of lamination or UV and yet allow the pricing to be below other synthetic papers.


If you are looking for a product that has the same durability with an extra element of protection then the most premium of paper, we at 4S Graphics can offer your printing business our Scuff Free (SF) Series.  It is a polyester-based material that is covered with a durable coating that will allow the material to be written on and wiped down with mild cleaning products as needed. The SF Series is also waterproof, heat resistant and tear proof. This would be another great quality product to offer your customers in the restaurant business.

This Scuff Free range of synthetic papers which protects the print keeping new as printed for as long as life of the print. This product is completely durable and can even be use for outdoor application like the temporary parking signs and such.

Contact 4s Graphics today and our staff will set your printing business with the right material you need to satisfy a customer from the hospitality industry!


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