• Woman ordering from a waiter from a waterproof paper menu
  • Waterproof Paper Menus

  • Are you looking to give your printing business a nice boost? Consider growing your company by offering a new service. Printing waterproof menus for restaurants can bring in additional revenue for a minimal investment. Restaurateurs are looking for better, more durable menu printing options, and you can meet this need perfectly with Graffiti Waterproof Paper for menu printing. 

    - It's 100% waterproof, spill-proof, and kid proof. It's even resistant to grease and wine spills!
    - It's tear resistant and it won't wrinkle or split.
    - It's more durable than laminated paper and lasts longer. It resists heat up to 490 degrees!
    - Graffiti Waterproof Paper can be used in dry or wet toner laser printers, so you don't have to invest in a new printer. 
    - It's easy to clean and sanitize because it is slick. 

    - Laminated paper menus are a thing of the past. They are too much work, and they don't perform as well. After just a week or two they will split with water spills, and they will likely have stains and torn corners. It's a waste of time and there is a better way, and hotels and restaurants are ready for it.


  • The Future of Menu Printing

  • Graffiti Waterproof Paper menus are the future of menu printing, and have plenty of benefits to promote to your local restaurateur. Menus are ever changing, which means restaurants are printing them regularly. Almost 70% of restaurants are looking to update their menu with healthier options (1), which means they will need to be reprinted soon!

    Graffiti Waterproof Paper is also a great option for table tent printing, which restaurants may chose to print even more often than menus. Table tents often promote weekly specials and seasonal events. It makes sense for the restaurant to keep several sets on hand, and you can help!

    Offering a new service to restaurants to help improve their operations is certainly rewarding for you and your printing business. Won't it be great to see the new local menu when you go out to eat. You printed it! contact us for more information. 


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