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  • Waterproof Paper Menus

  • Are you looking to give your printing business a nice boost? Consider growing your company by offering a new service. Printing waterproof menus for restaurants can bring in additional revenue for a minimal investment. Restaurateurs are looking for better, more durable menu printing options, and you can meet this need perfectly with Graffiti Waterproof Paper for menu printing. 

    - It's 100% waterproof, spill-proof, and kid proof. It's even resistant to grease and wine spills!
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3 Places Where Restaurants Need Waterproof Menus

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Most of your restaurant clients know that traditional paper menus aren't a good fit for their business. But in the rush to both digitize menus and provide resources for regular visitors, they may feel they don't have much of a choice. That means your print shop has the perfect opportunity to educate them about waterproof menus and reap the rewards. Suggest to your restaurant clients that they try waterproof menus in these three places to start the switch to savvier menus.

1. The menu near their front door.

If your customers' locations are along a crowded downtown street, they probably post their menu in the front window. But even if it's posted on the inside of the glass, it will still get damaged by the rain, snow, and ice that can blow inside. But a waterproof menu can withstand these occasional blasts of winter weather. 

Even better, the waterproof paper comes in self-adhesive varieties for a clean, sharp display.

2. Menus that are at the checkout and takeout line.

Some restaurants are organized to be takeout-only, and other restaurants have patrons order at the front before finding their seat. That means that the menus are changing hands frequently and might be carried over to the drink station. Waterproof menus look nicer and ward off moisture stains. That's absolutely critical when the menu is part of the restaurant's first impression.

3. Billboard menu displays on the front path.

The holiday season has arrived, and that means restaurants are trying to drive up business as much as everyone else. Billboards, sidewalk displays, and window signs are great marketing tools, especially if they display the menu to draw in new customers. But anything that's posted outdoors needs to be waterproof to look professional. 

Talk to your restaurant clients about how waterproof paper can remove current limitations on their menus. Go to 4s graphics for a variety of waterproof paper varieties and more


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3 Talking Points to Make Restaurant Owners Want Waterproof Paper Menus

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Waterproof paper is a good fit for any business's print jobs. But the material should hold a special place in the hearts of restaurant owners. If your culinary clients' don't know what waterproof paper has to offer, it's your job to educate them. Here are three benefits they need to know about:

1. Restaurants can market to the environmental crowd.


Every company has to zero in on their target market. Whether they have organic ingredients, they offer unique fusion meals, or they're all about going green, companies need to have a narrative. Restaurants are no exception. With all the recent buzz about biodegradable straws and getting rid of plastic bags, tell your restaurant customers they can cultivate unique appeal with greener menus. Waterproof paper doesn't just save paper because the menus last longer. They also don't have to be laminated with plastic. Besides GRAFFITI WATERPROOF PAPER are recyclable and do not use any TREE BASED PULP at all. 


2. They can get their menus faster to avoid customer



It doesn't matter if a restaurant has a short-order kitchen or is part of the slow food movement. Changes happen quickly, and their menus have to reflect it. Maybe they have new seasonal specials for the end of autumn. Maybe they have new prices because of economic instability. Even a sudden change in management might mean an emergency change in the menus.

If they order their menus on waterproof paper, emphasize a faster delivery time. Because the menus don't have to be laminated, the menus can be done in a fraction of the time. Conflicting prices and ingredients between an online menu and their in-restaurant menus can cause a lot of frustration, so speed matters,


3. They have more elegant design options.


Laminated menus are better than spotted, torn, and bedraggled paper menus. But they still don't offer a great aesthetic. With waterproof paper, restaurant owners have more freedom in their menu design and the paper's final appearance. They can also avoid the bulky, cumbersome clutter of oversized, laminated menus.

Go to 4s graphics to browse our selection of waterproof paper and specialty printing materials.


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Longer Lasting Menus with Waterproof Paper

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Get The Most Out Of Your Menus


Menus are one of a restaurant's costs, and they can be quite significant. Unless you run a fine dining place where menus change weekly, you want your menus to last at least three to six months, that being how long a typical restaurant goes between menu or pricing updates. Paper or cardboard menus seldom last that long. They rapidly become dirty and dog eared, and often have wine, water and worse spilled on them. So, here are some tips:


    • Waterproof (aka. Synthetic Papers) paper can last almost as long as laminated menus, whilst being considerably cheaper to produce. Regular paper, as already mentioned, is easily damaged by spills and may last only a week or so before it has to be thrown out, forcing you to keep reprinting your menus. Also, for poolside restaurants and bars, where the menu may be dropped in the water, Synthetic Papers are always a better choice. 
    • If you have a patio, then you should always use menu holders or heavy menu covers to prevent paper menus from being blown away or knocked flying. Menu covers can also look great, carrying your restaurant's logo and adding class. Of course, if you are going for a retro diner feel, "placeholder" menus might be better. You should always consider your restaurant's style. For single page menus such as drinks or desserts, a permanent stand can be the best option. A die-punchable Synthetic Paper is always a better alternative to reduce labour in process of procuring these Menus. Synthetic Papers do not need any Lamination and go from PRINT to PLACE in no time. You can even punch it with regular paper punch for faster turn around.
    • A menu that fades (especially if it is on an outside board) is as bad as one which gets dirty. Lamination can also fade and discolor, which is another good reason to use waterproof/synthetic paper in many places.
    • Waterproof Synthetic Papers are yes Waterproof, but also tear resistant, grease proof, Mild Soap Washable, and Die Punchable. 


Save Money With Waterproof Paper


In other words, although printing your menu on waterproof paper may seem to be an extra expense, the resistance to damage will make it cheaper in the long run. The less often you have to reprint your menu, the lower your costs, which can then be passed on to your customers or spent on more important things like ingredients or staffing.





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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Paper?

Digital Printing

If you're looking for a durable paper, you may want to consider one that's a polyester-based synthetic. The first step in choosing to print on polyester synthetic paper is in understanding how it functions within the printing processes.

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Graffit Machine Settings Book Mocup
The resin identification coding system was introduced in 1988 to meet the need for a nationwide, uniform system of identifying plastics for both manufacturers and recyclers. This guide identifies the seven types of recyclable plastics to help you distinguish among the different plastics in their various forms. Marked with the appropriate symbol, plastic and film products can be properly recycled and used again.
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Durable Paper Products for the Hospitality Industry


When you are in the printing business, it is important to find the perfect product to wow your customers at a fair and decent price where both parties benefit from the sale.  Printing menus and on-table displays can be a complex task.  They need to be made in a way that is both sturdy, yet affordable in a way that is possible to mass produce.  We, at 4s Graphics, have just the product for you! Our Graffiti Waterproof Papers offer your printing company to offer high-quality menu and table tent printing materials at an extremely affordable price!

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A Cheaper Way To Produce Durable Prints Such As Menus (And Much More!)

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  • When you sit down at a restaurant table, you realize the menus haven't really changed. You get a menu held by page protectors or (somewhat) protective covers. Some restaurants hide the menu under a piece of acrylic/glass at the table. But the vast majority just laminate their menus. Have you wondered, isn't there another way?

    Now there is! And you can profit from it! 

    You can now offer printed menus that feel like regular paper yet are waterproof and damage resistant like laminated paper, yet STILL SAVE your customer money, while saving you energy and labor.

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Must Know - Installing One Way Vision Films

  • Always test the product prior to use by cutting a small peice of the SolviT One Way Vision Film and pasting it on the surface you are going install.
  • SolviT One Way Vision Film perforated window films can damage glass with anti-reflective, self-cleaning and scratch resistance coatings, which mainly get damaged during film removal. Please test prior to final application if in doubt.
  • SolviT One Way Vision Film perforated window films must not be are not to be applied to fresh coat of paint.
  • SolviT One Way Vision Film is available in various peforation ratios such as 70: 30, 60:40, & 50:50. Some states or local authorities have laws or regulations requiring minimum light transmission that may limit or preclude the use of this product on vehicle windows. A printer is responsible for determining and complying with all applicable standards. So we suggest printers do check with their local authorities before installation.
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