Increase revenue with Restaurant Menu Printing

Woman ordering from a waiter from a waterproof paper menu
Waterproof Paper Menus Are you looking to give your printing business a nice boost? Consider growing your company by offering a new service. Printing waterproof menus for restaurants can bring in...
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3 Places Where Restaurants Need Waterproof Menus

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  Most of your restaurant clients know that traditional paper menus aren't a good fit for their business. But in the rush to both digitize menus and provide resources for regular visitors, they may...
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Longer Lasting Menus with Waterproof Paper

Latte on a waterproof menu
Get The Most Out Of Your Menus   Menus are one of a restaurant's costs, and they can be quite significant. Unless you run a fine dining place where menus change weekly, you want your menus to last at...
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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Paper?

Digital Printing
If you're looking for a durable paper, you may want to consider one that's a polyester-based synthetic. The first step in choosing to print on polyester synthetic paper is in understanding how it...
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Graffit Machine Settings Book Mocup
The resin identification coding system was introduced in 1988 to meet the need for a nationwide, uniform system of identifying plastics for both manufacturers and recyclers. This guide identifies the...
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Durable Paper Products for the Hospitality Industry

When you are in the printing business, it is important to find the perfect product to wow your customers at a fair and decent price where both parties benefit from the sale.  Printing menus and...
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Must Know - Installing One Way Vision Films

Always test the product prior to use by cutting a small peice of the SolviT One Way Vision Film and pasting it on the surface you are going install. SolviT One Way Vision Film perforated window films...
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