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At 4S graphics, we have the best variety of Graffiti Waterproof paper convenient for various printing needs.  They are perfect for printing bespoke restaurant menus due to their durability, water resistance, and tear resistance. The Graffiti Waterproof paper have high heat resistance. You can always recommend them to your hospitality industry clients.


Printing on waterproof papers is best done by Laser printers as most laser toners are insoluble in water. Once the toner particles get into the tiny pores of our waterproof papers, they cannot be washed out or dissolved. Inkjet printers on the other hand use water-based ink that can easily be smudged when it comes into contact with water. If you're printing with an inkjet machine, specialty papers such as the Rang Premium Canvas paper is your best choice due to its superior vibrancy and brilliant colors finishes.


Superb for Your Printing Business



Our waterproof papers can be printed on both sides using full colors. You save a lot of time by printing on them as compared to printing on ordinary paper then laminating. We have affordable packages that make it a bargain to print on our premium waterproof papers. Besides, the quality and color vibrancy of your printouts is unrivaled. You can be sure of getting more referrals clients due to this top-notch quality.


Are You In the Hospitality Industry? Upgrade your Restaurant's Menu


If you are in the hotel industry, our waterproof graffiti papers are just what you need to amp your appeal. They are made from pure polyester that is tear-proof and durable. Therefore, making them long-lasting and super-easy to clean.


You can wipe off dirt with a sponge dipped in warm water. Your business also gets to save money and time that could have been spent on regular replacement of menus and lamination. Your menus can also be affordably printed as per the demand, whether in small or large quantities.


Other Unique Products to Grow Your Printing Business


If you're a printer looking for distinctive, high-quality printing consumables and specialty printing substrates in North and South Americas, we are your best choice. At 4sgraphics, we have a wide range of printing materials for all your needs.


We have premier products with high adherence to toner substrates. If you're looking for quality printing materials for wide format, transfer printing, screen printing, offset printing or intuitive photo art, 4sgraphics is your go-to shop.  Check out our wide variety of waterproof papers.  


Contact us today to get the ideal printing materials that will impress your clients and grow your printing business.



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