Printers boost profits and restaurant owners prevent profit loss when they choose waterproof paper instead of laminate for their restaurant menus. The options available bring benefits to both types of businesses. Not only are waterproof printed menus durable and stain resistant, but they are also usually more affordable than those that require multiple steps to plastic coat or cover them.

Benefits of Waterproof Paper Menus


Traditional paper menus get destroyed by spilled drinks, dripping food, the hands of eager diners, and time. Plastic lamination helps protect them, but this multi-step process takes more time and money to complete. Waterproof, polyester-based papers are the answer to hotels, restaurants, diners, and coffee shops everywhere. They also give printing companies a great way to boost profits by targeting these markets.

Benefits include:


  • - Fully waterproof to prevent regular beverage and food damage
  • - Stain resistance removes the risk of oil, wine, coffee, and other spills 
  • - Rip and tear resistance combats purposeful destruction and wear over time
  • - Heatproof up to 490 degrees makes the menus kitchen and hot plate safe
  • - Eco-friendly papers are made without cutting down trees and are 100% recyclable


For printer profits, one of the best benefits of waterproof menu paper from the Grafitti brand is that it can be printed on both dry toner and liquid toner printers. There is no need to change, upgrade, or purchase new equipment to profit from this type of menu printing. This gives you the flexibility you need to deliver the best possible product to your hotel or restaurant clients without excess cost. 

Different Types of Waterproof Paper


No matter what size or style menu you need, there is an easy-print, polyester-based waterproof paper solution. Simple diners may want economy menus in plain white or ivory. Elegant hotels may choose metallic or frosted overlay designs. Options include a complete selection of Grafitti brand paper varieties. For more information, inquiries, or to place an order for waterproof papers for your next menu printing job, contact 4S Graphics today.




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