112.jpgUnless you have been in the printing business for a while you may or may not know about waterproof paper. Sure, it sounds fairly self explanatory but truly what would the advantages to printing on waterproof paper be should you decide you want to? After all, you could laminate a regular piece of paper to get the same result, right? Not exactly.

First of all, laminating isn’t exactly cheap. It can also bubble, peel and crease leaving the final product looking messy and as though no time went into it. Along those same lines, lamination is not 100% waterproof which could potentially lead to moisture infiltrating the lamination and destroying the finished piece.

Waterproof paper on the other hand is durable, tear resistant, and yep, you guess it: waterproof. If your business needs outdoor flyers or if you generally would just like to protect the work you have completed without having to worry about the time and prices associated with laminating then waterproof is probably the route you want to take. Waterproof paper is also commonly used by people who spend a lot of time outdoors such as backpackers and hikers who need reliable maps. Overall, it’s a great investment for anyone regardless of their business.

4S Graphics, Inc has a large selection of waterproof paper, all at an affordable price. Give yourself to opportunity to succeed rather than setting yourself up for disaster. Invest in some waterproof paper for your business today and don’t take chances with less reliable methods.


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