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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Paper?
Polyester is a petroleum-based product. This synthetic substrate is compatible with digital printing. The digital printing process involves creating an image via a series of dots. The more dots per inch (DPI) the printer is capable of printing, the better the resolution and clarity of the final prod...
Waterproof menus ever so critical post COVID-19
Most restaurant guests would feel safe and comfortable if their menus allowed them to spray alcohol or wipe the menus with alcohol wipes themselves, giving them complete assurance.
What is a Durable Paper?
Durable paper also known as synthetic paper, is becoming more and more popular as customers look to extend the life of their paper application.
3 Reasons Laminated Menus Miss the Mark Compared to Waterproof Paper
menu design is largely the same readable, clean printing, sometimes with a few pictures, on laminated paper. It doesn't last forever. That's why, increasingly, restaurant owners opt for a modernized approach to printing their menus.
Restaurant menus An Excellent Revenue source for Printers?
As a printer, you need to explore various printing secrets that can help your culinary clients control costs and increase revenue. Some upscale restaurant owners don't know that waterproof paper menus can add that special extra touch of elegance and sophistication to their delicious array of dishes.
Waterproof Papers, Perfect for Your Hospitality Industry Printing Needs
Menus and table tents paper menus do not hold up to spills and tearing or such rough treatments, which is why more hoteliers are switching to synthetic waterproof papers for their menus.
Basic Terminologies - Banners
All the basic information you need to understand th terms used in the printing industry.
Many a times, we come across banner media left untrimmed from the edges, completely defeating the purpose of the banner and loosing the much desired customer attention.
A easy reference guide on how to print on synthetic papers. Graffiti Polyester Paper is optimized for use in both LIQUID TONER & DRY TONER (Electrophotographic) printers and copiers. You can also use them with offset printing, And it is also suitable for UV curable inkjet printing.