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What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Paper?

4SG - Tech Team
05.24.20 10:48 PM Comment(s)

Polyester Synthetic Paper and Digital Printing

Polyester is a petroleum-based product. This synthetic substrate is compatible with digital printing. The digital printing process involves creating an image via a series of dots. The more dots per inch (DPI) the printer is capable of printing, the better the resolution and clarity of the final product. The printer receives the image through an electronic format from the computer.

There are two types of digital toner presses. Liquid toner presses, such as HP Indigo, and dry toner digital presses that include Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, and Konica. Graffiti Papers, are designed to work well on all digital toner presses.

Graffiti Polyester-Based Synthetic Paper

High Heat Resistance 
Pure polyester, such as is produced by Graffiti Papers, is the only synthetic substrate that is able to withstand temperatures up to 425F. That's why it works so well with dry toner presses, such as Minolta, Konica, Canon, and Ricoh where it's subjected to the high heat that's part of the printing process. Other synthetics, like PVC and PP-based substrates, do not have the capability to hold up under the same conditions; they curl up when they come out of the press. The problem of curling is most prevalent with production runs of 1,000 sheets or more. It costs valuable production time to stop the press and let the print engine cool.
Color Consistency
Graffiti Polyester is constructed of pure polyester and has no air pockets, which provides a solid surface for image reproduction on both types of presses. Without air pockets to interrupt the image transfer process, the color reproduction on Graffiti is much smoother and more consistent.

Solid Color Reproduction
The Graffiti polyester-based substrate collection is engineered with pure extruded polyester. That means that it's the only product on the market that's created with high heat resistance and rigidity to easily and consistently create solid color reproductions.

Graffiti understands the value of protecting each sheet from static and press debris. That's why their sheets are shrink-wrapped in sets of 50 and cartoned in packs of 10. That way, you only open the minimal amount required for each job.

Paper Options
Graffiti is also a front-runner when it comes to waterproof paper options. You have the choice between 5, 8, or 11 mil thickness, but you also have a number of finish options. The selections include frosted, clear, and backlit variations. Additionally, you have the opportunity to choose between gold and silver metallic as well as lacquer-coated polyesters and digital polyester canvas fabric. The lacquer-coated polyesters include sparkle board and a lustre board that offers a pearlescent finish.

All of Graffiti's polyester-based synthetic papers are printable on both sides. They are constructed with the same core polyester technique, which provides optimal heat, stain, and water resistance and durability. That's what makes this brand's polyester substrate the ideal choice for applications such as menus.

If you would like more information about the benefits of using Graffiti Synthetic Papers, contact 4S Graphics. We're your source for substrate products.

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