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Waterproof menus ever so critical post COVID-19

4SG - Tech Team
05.24.20 10:32 PM Comment(s)


Restaurants usually default to two types of menus. Either they have paper menus, which pick up stains and are easy to rip, and laminate menus, which customers will always suspect of being far dirtier than they look. But restaurants are moving further and further away from these two default options. The best way to keep up with their demand is to stay ahead of the curve. Become your community's primary printing shop with waterproof paper. 

Restaurants will want it for all of their menus because:

  • The menus can fit a custom aesthetic.

The restaurant industry is becoming more and more competitive. Sit-down restaurants have to forge a connection with their target demographic, and that starts with the sensory experience patrons have at their restaurant. The traditional paper seems cheap. Laminate menus are shiny. But waterproof paper lets restaurants choose the texture, matte or metallic finish, and overall appearance of their menus.

  • Waterproof paper menus offer a better customer experience.

Nobody likes looking at a stained menu, even if it just has a condensation ring from their cup. But a lot of restaurant-goers don't like the look or feel of laminate menus, either. They carry the connotation of stickiness, fingerprints, and germs, no matter how well the restaurant cleans them. 

Because everything from the volume of music in a restaurant to the exact warmth of the overhead lighting is a factor in the restaurant patron's experience, the menu has to be just right. 

  • Menus frequently change.

Restaurants are constantly testing out new items. They're testing different advertising techniques to switch which menu items should stick around. They're also increasing their prices as inflation and costs go up. When your customers are constantly in the market for new menus, being available with popular techniques and materials gets their attention.


  • Waterproof paper menus can be cleaned & sanitized with alcohol 

Yes, you heard it right. Instead of using regular paper-based menus, you can wipe the waterproof paper with any Alcohol Sanitizers, or just spray them with alcohol and rest assured that the menu is sanitized and germ-free. Most restaurant guests would feel safe and comfortable if their menus allowed them to spray alcohol or wipe the menus with alcohol wipes themselves, giving them complete assurance.

Just in case you did not know Waterproof Papers are not available in WHITE color only they are available in Various Metallic Finish & AntiMicrobial Coated variants to serve your clients with a complete sterile environment. 

Please make sure you look at our GRAFFITI METALLIC FINISH & GRAFFITI ADHESIVES to see how you can help promote your Restaurant business while keeping your clients safe and happy.