• Use of Both Sides: It can be imaged and printed from both sides with similar print quality and run - length.
  • User-friendly Quick-Kling Treatment: Ensures that the plate fits snugly around the plate cylinder, facilitating quick make-ready.
  • Unmatched Dimensional Stability: Enables crisp four-color prints by customers having high-end laser printers and precision multicolor offset presses.
  • Unsurpassed Reproduction: Gives a never-before halftone dot range from 2 - 98%.
  • Unbeatable Robustness: Ensures print-runs in excess of 10,000* flawless impressions. (Baking Required)
Product Brief

Double Sided Polyester Laser Plates, designed for minimum of 10,000 impressions per side.
For HP5000/5100 Laser Printers only!

eLe Laser Plate - 4000 DS is 100 micron polyester based computer-to-plate solution image able on a laser printer and/or a laser toner based Photocopier manufactured by for 4S GRAPHICS. It is one the most consumed plate and is recommended by many printers. Once the eLe Plate is imaged using a laser printer it is ready to go to offset press, without any process! A Zero Process, three steps CTP solution for Small Offset Printers.

  • BASE: Dimensionally Stable Polyester
  • SURFACE: Matt Coated on both Sides!
  • THICKNESS: 100 microns ( 4 mil )
  • !IMPRESSIONS: 10,000 impression or more (under recommended conditions)