Product Description & Application

Indus 150K is a reliable and long-run positive-working plate innovatively engineered to provide superior features. Traded by 4S Graphics is suitable for all sheet fed and web offset applications. The manufacturing technology and performance are similar to the world’s most popular positive-working plate at a competitive price. The unique surface treatment and robust coating makes it the right choice for tough terrains.

Features & Benefits
  • Computerised Laser Inspection System ensures supply of only zero-defect plates.
  • Each plate carries a printed identification number for quality assurance.
  • Excellent resistance to plate-wear and press-room chemicals enable run-lengths of 150,000 impressions.
  • Economic value-added product, to help you get the most from your press investment.
  • Wide exposure and processing latitude helps deliver consistent results.
  • High-resolution holds even the sharpest line or the smallest dots.
  • Highly visible image after exposure and excellent contrast - inspection and correction are facilitated.
  • Fast clean-up and excellent damping latitude translates into minimised paper wastage, high ink density and low damp levels.
Product Specifications
  • Plate Type: Positive-working
  • Substrate: Litho-grade aluminium, electrochemically grained and anodised
  • Gauge: 0.20, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30mm
  • Maximum Width: 1500 mm
  • Safe Light: Yellow
  • Spectral Sensitivity: 360 - 420 nm
  • Recommended Ugra: Clear 2
  • Recommended Stouffer: Clear 3
  • Micro-lines Resolution: 10 microns
  • Colour Change: Green to Blue
  • Storage & Handling: Unexposed plates must be stored in the original pack in a cool & dry environment. Recommended conditions : 20 C and 70% rH.
  • Shelf-life: For optimum results use prior to the "best before date" specified on the pack label.