• Powder form makes it easier to store than liquids.
  • Readily soluble in water.
  • Contains sequestering agents so that normal supply of water can be used to dissolve the powder.
  • Diluted developer gives good results by hand, tank or automatic plate processor with excellent dot reproduction and fidelity.
  • Excellent consumption rates – up to 4m2 / litre by hand development and 10m2 / litre by plate processors.
  • Compatible with most aqueous developed positive presensitised plates.
Product Brief

PosiDev Powder is a premium powder developer concentrate for most positive presensitized plates

  • Ready-to-use solution.
  • Fast working, low odor, low hazard rating developer.
  • High efficiency (Consumption rate typically 18 to 20 m2 of plate per liter).
  • Achieves excellent dot reproduction and good image contrast after development.
  • Works satisfactorily over a wide temperature range of 15 - 25°C.
  • Works satisfactorily in most negative plate processors with a water wash system.