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  • Thickness : 400 g/m2 / 12.5 osy / 18 mil
  • Poly-cotton, Matte Finish canvas texture for near real art reproduction.
  • Superior whiteness for enhanced wide color gamut and deep rich colors.
  • High physical strength to withstand stretching and stapling.
  • Specially treated canvas provides smooth white base.

Rang Print Canvas 400 is a Matte Finish, Poly Cotton Canvas of 400 g/mwith top coat of ink receptive coating for vivid reproduction & high DMAX. This canvas offers consistent photo quality imaging perfect for Fine Art reproduction, Photography, Giclee & more. This Canvas is designed to dry instantly and is Water Resistant

This unique heavyweight, quality canvas offers a high resolution coating for outstanding photographic and fine art reproductions. Made from a durable cotton/poly blend, this water resistant canvas is ideal for applications that require the highest image quality for life.

Whether the application is photographic portraiture or fine art reproduction, this product is pro with all INKJET HEADS. Water Resistant Matte Canvas for Epson will satisfy even the most demanding professional by providing both the finest image quality as well as a vehicle for enhanced artistic creativity. Made from a durable blend of Polyester & Cotton.

Compatible with aqueous based Dye & Pigment Inks.

  • Base: Poly - Cotton Canvas
  • Weight: 380 - 420 gsm / 12.5 osy / 18 mil
  • Surface Finish: White - Matte Finish
  • Ink Compatibility: Dye & Pigment Inks
  • Thread Count: 16 x 7
  • Weave Count: 2 x 1