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4S Graphics, Inc.
Specialty Substrates for Printing
for EcoSol UV & Latex Inks

Thickness: 8 mil (200 microns)

Heavy Polyester, high quality premium film for light box display.

Product Brief:

SolviT Backlit Film (Heavy) is high quality premium polyester film for light box display. 

The quality standard for light box media is very critical with smallest tolerance since very small defects is visible in the light box. SolviT Backlit Film (Heavy) film Is the product which can comply with those high standard. 

SolviT Backlit Film (Heavy) film is designed to absorb high ink density of CMY and Black ink as well. Accordingly, it can express good image performance without light. Moreover, SolviT Backlit Film (Heavy) film also express more vivid color with light due to its color diffusion effect of coating layer.
Anti static, high stiffness with anti curl, high heat duration, easy installation are the advantages

Product Details:

  • Base: Extruded Clear Polyester
  • Surface Finish: Bright White - Gloss Finish
  • Thickness: 200 microns (8 Mil) + Coating
  • Opacity: >70
  • Whiteness:  100
  • Ink Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV & LATEX
  • Ink Limit: Up to 270% with Eco-Solvent Inks


  • Highest resolution amongst competitive products. 
  • Natural White Shade of the substrate supports warmer tones.
  • Brilliant Solid Black reproductions due to proprietary coating on the surface.
  • Rich Color reproduction without loss of details, Scratch Resistant surface.
  • Outstanding Night or Day Image Quality 
  • Outdoor Durable & Dimensionally Stable.
  • Works with both HOT & COLD Lamination

Target Applications:

  • All Indoor / Outdoor Light boxes

  • Casino Games Boxes

  • POP Backlit Displays - like Bus Stops & Transit Display

  • On Vehicle Displays

  • Theatre Displays

  • Beverage Dispensers

  • Airport Displays

  • Translite Displays




EcoSol, UV & Latex Inks 


GLOSS Surface - Front print


54inch, & 60inch

Length : 100 Feet (30 Meters)


Pure Polyester Base - 8 mil


1 Year*


3 inch 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • QUESTION: Do you have any print profiles or recommended printer settings for SolviT Backlit Film (Heavy)? 
ANSWER: We don’t have bespoke profiles for our Solvit Poster Paper 200 Gloss. We suggest either using the SIHL TRISOLV 200 profile, or another generic profile for Gloss Poster Paper / Coated Paper.

  • Q: Can SolviT Backlit Film (Heavy)  be applied immediately after printing?
A: YES, you can. The Inks are going to dry instantly. However, we recommend that prints are left 24 hours before further processing, like in case of lamination. 
  • Q:  Is the SOLVIT BACKLIT FILM available in thinner versions? 
A: Yes. SolviT Backlit Film is available in various thickness from 5 mil (125microns), 6 mil (150 microns), 7 mil (175 microns) for various specific applications. However, these are not stocked in USA warehouse. But if you are interested please contact our Sales Rep with a quick call to our office +1 (954) 493.6484
Product Claims & Disclaimer

Our product is supplied in good faith and we hope client will follow all standard instructions while using/installing our vinyl. In the event of a warranted failure, 4S Graphics, Inc. reserves the right of inspection.  4S Graphics, Inc. will, at our option, replace defective materials or refund purchase price thereof. All documentation and administration will be handled through the formal customer service complaint system at  4S Graphics, Inc.. To receive remedy,  4S Graphics, Inc. or the local distributor must be notified of a claim within 30 days of vinyl failure. Date of installation, material lot number, installation procedures, substrate and environmental conditions must be supplied with the description of failure. 

The customer assumes responsibility in determining the product suitability for his intended end use. Seller’s and manufacturer’s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the film proven to be defective. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage direct or indirect, arising from the use or inability to use these products. See  4S Graphics, Inc.’s Terms and Conditions. 




Download this product MSD sheet as a PDF file by clicking this link.