SolviT Crystal Clear Vinyl is a Clear Vision Calendared PVC Film with a Adhesive Release Liner. Also comes with an unmatched, ultra clear, inkjet coating on the image side.

On the reverse side, Solvit Crystal Clear Vinyl features an ultra clear, removable adhesive that is even easier to apply. The frosted liner provides universal compatibility with printers utilizing media sensing systems and provides needed contrast for print viewing prior to application.

This product is ideal for interior application to virtually any surface. This release liner enables it for easy detection and printing with HP and other brand printers. This product is ideal for printing with EcoSol, UV & Latex printers.

    • Window Art & Advertising
    • Glass case Displays
    • Signage for any surface
    • Base: Monomeric Calendared PVC Film
    • Base Thickness: 4 mil or 100 microns (± 5 micron)
    • Finished product weight: 290 ± 20 gsm
    • Surface Finish: Crystal Clear GLOSS
    • Opacity : Not applicable
    • Haze : < 5%
    • Adhesive: Permanent, Clear solvent acrylic adhesive
    • Rlease Liner: 140 gsm single side PE coated siliconized paper liner
    • Initial Adhesion: 9-12 N / inch
    • Ink Compatibility: Eco-solvent & Solvent inks
    • Ink Limit: Around 350% with original inks
    • Weathering: Two Years to Two and Half Year
  • 4 mil Base provides thick base for easy handling of substrate.
  • High Gloss & Pure Matte PVC base makes this film excellent for signage.
  • High ink limit ensures vibrant color gamut and vivid displays.
  • Natural whiteness for high color contrast.
  • Good sheet stability & lay flatness for ease of conversion and application
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates for wide range of applications
  • Siliconized double sided PE coated paper liner for excellent flatness or 100% P.E.T. liner
Dimensional Stability FINAT TM14

Adhered to Steel, no shrinkage in cross direction.

Temp. Resistance   Adhered to Aluminium. -20°C to +65°C. No Variation.
Seawater Resistance DIN 50021 Adhered to glass, after 48h/23°C, No Variation
Adhesive Strength FINAT TM1 After 24hour, stainless steel, 8~12N/25 mm
Tensile Strength

D882-02; 200mm/min

Min. 24 Mpa
across Min. 23 Mpa
Elongation at Break
along D882-02; 200mm/min Min 140%
across Min 180%
Weathering   Two Years to Two & Half years
  • Compatible with original solvent & eco-solvent inks from printers of HP series, Epson series, HP Latex series, Roland series, Mutoh series, Mimaki JV series & wide range of UV printers.
  • Compatible with HP LATEX printers as well. However, HP 1st Gen Latex printers suggested to test the product before proceeding with production run.
  • Use standard vinyl inks. Print image on vinyl, not on the release liner.