01. What is Graffiti Polyester Paper?

Graffiti Synthetic Paper is high density Polyethylene Film coated on both sides.   


02. What are the Characteristics?

Very Durable, almost completely tear proof, resistant to most oils and chemicals, very water resistant, and very easy to print on.    


03.  What printing processes are most suitable for Graffiti Papers?

Graffiti Papers are best suited to work with any type of Toner Based Laser Printers. They work great with both WET-TONER or DRY-TONER technology printers.  Graffiti Papers can withstand fuser heat up to 490 - 500 F  (255-260 C).    


04. Will Graffiti run (print) on any Home Office / Desktop Laser Printers?

YES. Graffiti Papers are designed for Laser Printers. Any Home Office or Desktop Laser printers can be used to print on Graffiti Papers.  However, care should be taken to make sure the printer is set up properly to print on a FILM.  This can done by going into PROPERTIES Section of the Print Settings and changing the Paper type to Film. Please call our Technical team to help you in case of any problems.   


05. Will Graffiti Paper run (print) on Copiers?

YES. Graffiti Papers will run great on Laser Copiers. However, there are INKJET COPIERS also. Graffiti Papers WILL-NOT  work on Inkjet based Copiers.  


06. Is Graffiti Papers printable by Inkjet Printer?

Graffiti Papers can be printed by UV INKJET PRINTERS. For other technologies (Solvent , Eco-Solvent or Aqueous) Graffiti Papers will need specific treatment.  And, Graffiti CANNOT be printed by Home Based/ Desktop INKJET Printers.  


07. How long does Graffiti take to dry?

Graffiti Papers much faster that any other plastics available. When printed with a Laser Toner based printer, they dry almost instantly. However, it is a good idea to give the print  2 - 5 minutes after printing to dry.  


08. Can Graffiti Paper made available in custom-size?

Graffiti Papers can be supplied in custom sizes subject to size required and quantity needed. Please contact our Sales Team for more information. OR eMail your query to graffiti@4sgraphics.com.  


09 Can you write on Graffiti Paper with a Pen?

Graffiti Papers are coated on both sides. This coating allows for WRITE-ON Features which allows you to write on Graffiti Papers with any Ball Point or Felt Tip pens. Sharpie Brand of pens is found to be best suited to work on our papers.  


 *Advice in this page is based on practical field experience and given in good faith but 4S Graphics, Inc  may not be held liable for loss or damage arising from action based on this information.