4S Graphics, Inc.
4S Graphics, Inc.
Specialty Substrates for Printing



Graffiti Polyester Paper is a polyester-based substrates collection specially coated for printing with all modern digital presses, both Dry Toner Presses or Liquid Toner Presses. These exclusively polyester-based substrates are also the most affordable durable synthetic papers which are Waterproof, Tear Resistant, and much more.

Graffiti Polyester Paper range is pure extruded polyester film coated on both sides. Completely PVC free and high performance optimized top coat offer consistent print quality and vivid color reproductions with any Digital Toner Presses. Our Graffiti Papers are a benchmark for quality, consistency, & best in class performance. They are also certified and approved by several Digital Press Manufacturers.


Coated Poly-Cotton, Cotton & Polyester Fabrics to give you the brilliant color vibrancy and consistent color reproductions with all ink platforms. Our Rang Print Canvas is not bleached, nor mixed with any Solvents, and are entirely PVC Free. 
Rang Print Canvas, manufactured using the world's premium grade fabric and prime quality coatings without any fillers. 

Available for various thicknesses and coatings compatible with Aqueous, EcoSol, UV & Latex inks. 


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Today's print buyers demand materials that give them a competitive edge, at Consistent Quality, and is available when you need it. SolviT is a comprehensive product line of digital media to solve these print buyer concerns. SolviT carries a wide variety of products to meet all your signage needs. 

The product line includes Polyester Banner, Heavy Backlit Films, Recycled Banner, PVC Banner, Poster Paper, Coated Fabrics & more.

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